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Our Anglobitch Articles

Here are a variety of essays and monographs dealing with that painted, obese bane of Anglo-Saxon civilisation - the Anglobitch. All the articles presented here are the sole property of and Dr Rookh Kshatriya, although they may be quoted and cited provided the user acknowledges their origins.


A rigorous investigation of the flaws in Anglo-American feminism
A rigorous investigation of homosexuality in Anglo-American culture 
A brief thought-piece on the characteristic flaws and contradictions in Anglo-Saxon culture
Dr Rookh Kshatriya offers guidance to a young man troubled by his life-chances in the Anglosphere 
 A brief thought-piece: examination and refutation of the claims of Anglo-Saxon Marxist-feminism

 An extended thought-piece on the impact of rising IQs on mass alienation from 'mainstream' Anglosphere

 An extended thought-piece on the Anglo-Saxon idealisation of women from an ethno-cultural perspective